4.6 ( 3246 ratings )
Jogos Entretenimento Música Puzzle
Developer: JERIK
0.99 USD

Will you create or will you destroy?

Experience the ultimate audio-visual adventure with the Sphere.
Control the Sphere or watch as its own artificial intelligence takes
charge. Stretch, spin, bounce and smash the Sphere through a multitude of
different colored and themed levels.

Sense your way through each level as the Sphere reacts sonically to
its environment.

Use the soothing movements and colors of the Sphere for relaxation or
relieve stress by taking your aggression out on the Sphere by making it
explode endlessly.


- Full iPhone 4 Retina display support
- Conplete tactile control of the Sphere in multiple directions
- Multiple levels to explore and interact with
- Interactive, motion controlled sound design to guide your way
- Create your own experience within 36 possible levels
- Customize your own color palette to perfectly suit your mood